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Translations for the web, SEO and software localisation

interlanguage offers localisation services for different types of text: software, websites (with SEO), e-commerce, and audio/video media. Localisation is the adaptation of particular content to the specific linguistic and cultural characteristics of the new markets for which the product is intended.
If you produce and export software, you know that your product needs accurate localisation to be effective even in multilingual form. If you can sell your products online, now is the time to start considering translation: a well-translated e-commerce site is far more valuable than you might think. This is because, in order to sell, you need to speak your customer’s language.
Data from research by the respected CSA Research firm, carried out in 29 countries across Europe, Asia, North America and South America, indicate that as many as 76% of online consumers prefer to buy products that have information in their own language. 40% state that they do not buy on websites in other languages: Can’t read, won’t buy!

Software localisation

Every software product is conceived in a specific market, but, if it is destined to be exported during the design stage, it needs to be cleansed of all references to the culture of its original market. This first phase is referred to as internationalisation and is carried out by the product developers.

interlanguage translators handle not only the translation, but also the adaptation of local expressions and conventions (currency, units of measurement, dates, symbols and images) in order to give the target text the same clarity and effectiveness as the original text.
Our software localisation service includes the – preferably sequential – translation of:

  • software strings
  • documentation
  • in-line guides

Software strings are short, context-free sentences with sometimes unclear meanings and a limited number of characters that must be strictly adhered to.
A software localisation project should be entrusted to a team of experienced translators, reviewers and project managers and managed with CAT tools and specific glossaries to ensure that translations are completely uniform and consistent.
Once the translation has been completed, the translated contents have to be compiled to allow full, thorough checking of the texts that appear on the screen. This check can be performed by the client, their contact on the target market, or by us here at interlanguage.

Once the translation of the software has been completed, the screens for incorporation into the documents (user manuals, installation manuals, etc.) must be acquired and prepared. Finally, once the documentation is complete, online guides (Help and FAQ) are compiled, followed by a functional test of all components in terms of formatting, keywords, cross-references, and contextual correctness.

Multilingual SEO

Anyone involved in online communication is familiar with the importance of SEO (Search Engine Optimization), an indispensable tool for improving the positioning of your business on search engines.

Translation of SEO content is a crucial step in your multilingual communication process since it enables your website to ‘move up’ to more visible positions for foreign users searching for products or services like yours.

The interlanguage team includes SEO specialists and translators with experience in SEO and marketing-oriented writing to whom you can entrust projects such as:

  • Websites
  • Blogs, magazines and newsletters
  • Landing pages
  • Product sheets on your e-commerce site

The key to good SEO lies in finding the ideal balance between the “double readability” of a text, which must become Google-friendly, but must always be readable and intriguing to the human eye (and brain). Moreover, the keywords suggested by the most popular tools must be correctly interpreted: the most frequently used keyword is not always the most correct or the most effective!

If your company works with foreign markets and publishes multilingual content online, interlanguage can provide you with a comprehensive range of language services: SEO, SEO copywriting and localisation.

Contact us so we can discuss your needs and find the best combination to implement an even more effective content strategy.

Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.

George Steiner