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In recent years, the explosion of digital and social communication has imposed new models in all sectors and at all levels

The growth of multimedia communication

From interactive education to socially and culturally useful professions, not to mention business and industry.

An increasing number of organisations and companies of all sectors and sizes (manufacturers, communication agencies, public authorities, museums, cultural and social foundations, and publishing houses) are opting to use multimedia audiovisual tools and therefore require voice-over and subtitling to transpose their content.

Whatever your field, if you produce multimedia material and need to translate it into several languages, interlanguage can offer you the guarantee and professionalism of a team of linguists that works with speakers for the audio side and with graphic designers for the correct layout of the subtitles.
We can give a new voice to all types of content in all formats and multimedia applications, in all languages spoken within your organisation: promotional videos, online campaigns, company videos, press releases, demos, video manuals, e-learning projects, webinars, tutorials and audio guides.

interlanguage is the partner you are looking for to localise all your multimedia content.

Video subtitling

If you need to localise your videos in several languages, interlanguage’s professional expertise is at your disposal.
We provide a complete post-production service, combining our translation experience with graphic design expertise, independently managing the different stages:

  • transcription of the source script
  • reduction to subtitles
  • insertion of the timecode (minutes)
  • submission of subtitles to client for approval
  • translation of subtitles into all languages
  • insertion of subtitles in original video
  • final checking and approval

Voice recording – dubbing and oversound

The voice and pronunciation must always match the image and expectations of those watching and listening.
The voice recording service offered by interlanguage includes both dubbing (the speaker’s voice completely substitutes the original audio) andoversound (the volume of the original audio is lowered and partly covered by the speaker’s voice).
Thanks to an established network and a continuous selection of native speakers, interlanguage can give your audiovisual content a new voice:

  • promotional and corporate videos
  • on-line demos
  • audio-guides
  • Flash animations
  • DVDs
  • documentaries
  • presentations, tutorials
  • webinars
  • eLearning courses.

Naturally, every voice-over requires a translation, which must be carried out bearing in mind that the text will be read aloud.

Punctuation, vocabulary choice, sentence length and language register should be adapted accordingly. The translation is validated by the customer or their local market contacts, clarifying the pronunciation rules for acronyms, proper nouns, figures, mathematical symbols and dates.
Once the text to be recorded is approved, you can choose the voice best suited to your requirements in terms of language, age, gender and tone of voice.
At this stage, careful attention must be paid to the language context: a native British or American speaker? A Portuguese or Brazilian accent? European or South American Spanish?
After the voice casting, interlanguage handles the recording and control of the audio file, which can be delivered in the most popular formats (.wav, .MP3, MP4, .aiff or others).

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