The words to say it, the skill to translate it.
In all languages.

Language services for every market, all over the world

interlanguage  is one of the leading providers of professional translation services in Italy and among the top 20 in Southern Europe. We have been working for medium and large-sized companies and organisations since 1986, supporting them in international communication projects.

Thanks to our network of native-speaker translators, we offer technical, legal, financial and advertising translations, localisation projects, multilingual graphic design services, interpreters for negotiations and congresses, voice-over services and subtitling.

Our roots, our values

Since 2019 we have been part of a large international group, but we remain firmly rooted in our city of origin, Modena, in the centre of an area that we love, which offers a wealth of opportunities and rewards excellence.
Our translators are spread over five continents and around 150 countries. Thanks to these professionals and our team, we can offer translations to and from all languages.
We respect the values that have brought us this far: we believe in expertise, passion and commitment. We believe in and work towards an increasingly inclusive society and a less overheated world.
Customer satisfaction is always our ultimate goal.
In addition to certified language services, we have the specialised expertise to handle all kinds of translations, in all languages, across all industries.

Quality, passion and teamwork

Every successful translation requires outstanding teamwork. Our team of linguists and translators is supported by a team of proofreaders and project managers.
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We can comprehensively manage your multilingual project with a tailored approach: from the translation of the text to its final destination in the target language, we handle the final layout, localisation and SEO optimisation of a website, while also meeting your multimedia needs with subtitling and voice-over services.

Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.

José Saramago