From briefs to taglines and much more.

interlanguage produces specialised translations of your marketing texts, respecting and highlighting your corporate identity and tone of voice

Your brand identity, authentic in all languages

A fundamental aspect of any marketing strategy is the need to stand out and distinguish yourself from your competitors. A well-defined brand identity is a guarantee that your products or services are perceived as unique by consumers in each of the foreign countries where your business operates.
The most effective translation of a marketing text must always fully reflect your corporate identity.
This is why at interlanguage we create style guides in all languages so that the tone of voice of our translations of all your marketing tools is always compliant and consistent. We use specific glossaries tailored to each customer and project in order to define all technical terminology (from products to the names of departments, divisions and company units) and ensure that terminology is always used consistently.

SEO optimisation and advertising campaigns

A multilingual website will be your main communication channel with foreign markets, however for customers, importers and distributors to easily find and recognise you, effective SEO is essential.
Once we have learnt your corporate language, we can make it authentic and unmistakable in translation into other languages and become your spokesperson in external and internal institutional communication.
Working as a team with your marketing department or your communications agency, interlanguage can also support you with transcreation for advertising campaigns and your advertising messages so that they maintain the same tone of voice and original effectiveness in a new language.
To support the multilingual communication of your business, we can translate all your communication and marketing texts:

  • Websites with SEO optimisation
  • WordPress sites with the WPML plug-in
  • Corporate brochures
  • Folders
  • Offline and online catalogues
  • Company profiles
  • Product presentations
  • Press releases
  • Corporate magazines
  • Internal communications

Our collective wealth is made up of our diversity: ‘the other’ is precious to us insofar as he is unlike us.

Albert Jacquard