Multilingual financial translations

Financial translations

If you are a company, investment fund, bank or accountancy firm, interlanguage is your ideal partner for financial translations of:

  • financial statements
  • accompanying notes
  • financial reports
  • charts of accounts
  • fiscal regulations
  • banking documents
  • prospectives
  • investment fund reports
  • financial market reports
  • communications

For financial translations, excellent knowledge of the language is not enough.

Translators must have a full understanding of the texts to transfer the concepts into the target language accurately. Translations therefore have to be commissioned from professionals who have the necessary knowledge and are able to deliver a text of real use to its intended recipient.

For financial translations, we only use the services of native-speaker translators with specific qualifications, capable of using the latest terminology and ensuring conformity with the relevant regulations.

The revision of the completed text by our revisers/project managers provides a further guarantee that translations are accurate and use the correct terminology.

If required, we can have the translated documents authenticated and legalised by the Court.

Our translation service is certified in compliance with the  ISO 17100:2015 standard.

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