Not just translations, but full language services.

Multilingual made easy

The constant growth of interlanguage, from 1986 to the present day, has allowed us to develop, alongside our expertise in various product sectors, a number of technical and functional skills that complement the translation work, multiplying its value for the end customer.

All the companies we work with appreciate the fact that interlanguage handles more than ‘just’ translations. In fact, we regularly handle the entire process of managing multilingual documentation, which – starting from a text written in one language – brings it to life with the same effectiveness in another language. At interlanguage, we deal with translation processes and deploy our other skills to do so.

Desktop Publishing

We handle the graphic layout of translated texts in all the languages into which we translate them.
We offer this service using all programmes currently available: Adobe Creative Cloud (incl. InDesign) FreeHand, Quark XPress, FrameMaker, etc.
Using these tools, we can manage all stages of large multilingual projects and offer our customers an excellent finished product that is ready to be printed or distributed online.
To achieve this, it is essential that our linguists know and apply the graphic conventions of the target languages, the hyphenation rules, and the technical and font compatibility characteristics in all alphabets (including Asian and Middle Eastern alphabets: Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Hindi, Arabic, Hebrew, and many others).


We offer multimedia voice-over and subtitling services in all languages.
The last decade has witnessed the rise of digital communication: exponential growth in all sectors and at all levels, from interactive education to socially and culturally useful professions, as well as business and industry.
An increasing number of companies, institutions and organisations use multimedia tools that require voice-over and subtitling: promotional and institutional videos, product demos, video tutorials, audio guides, e-learning projects, webinars and case studies.
interlanguage handles the localisation of your audio and video content, supporting the translators with a multimedia team that manages the voice-over and ensures the exact positioning of a text in the subtitle layout.

In-country review

In addition to the natural internal review process, interlanguage has the resources to independently initiate and manage – in the most complex multilingual projects or those with a strong local emphasis – the final validation process using ICR (In-Country Review)
In-Country Review is a tool that implements precise requirements regarding terminology, product specifications in the target market, and the target audience, ensuring full compliance with local regulations and practices.
When a project includes ICR, this stage is managed by interlanguage working directly with the end customer’s local language contact persons and providing the customer with a translation that has already been approved by those who, more than anyone, can precisely gauge the text’s effectiveness on its audience.

WPML for WordPress websites

The widespread use of WordPress, which thanks to an open and versatile system has become the most popular CMS on the web, has prompted programmers around the world to patent accessible solutions to manage multilingual sites.
To meet our customers’ needs, we have entered into a partnership with WPML, the most popular WordPress plug-in, which makes WordPress an efficient multilingual platform.
Chosen by over a million users, WPML is compatible with almost all WordPress templates and can also be used with WooCommerce, allowing an online shop to be localised and updated in real time.
When one of our customers has a multilingual site in WordPress, the content is exclusively passed through WPML thanks to an automated system that respects codes and formatting, while avoiding the risk of copy/paste errors.

For an author, reflecting on the translation of your own text and discussing it with the translator
is a way of truly reading yourself, of really understanding what you have written and why.

Italo Calvino