Specialised translation service for all industries and product sectors

If your business communicates on the global market, you need specialist translations by professionals with technical expertise and specific IT tools.

Every sector has its own specific terminology and every business has its own identity and its own distinctive language, which characterise it and differentiate it from the competition, making it unique and recognisable.

Here at interlanguage, we put our experience and professionalism at your service. We have been supplying specialist technical, financial, scientific and legal translations into all languages, by the best professional translators, to businesses in the most widely varying sectors, ever since 1986.

Revision of translations by a second translator is guaranteed on 100% of texts.

Choose your sector from those listed below. You will also see the clients we have worked for, and for some of them you can download case studies on particularly complex or interesting projects. If your product sector is not included, write to us to request further information: we will contact you without delay to discuss your needs and draw up an offer tailor-made for you.