Beauty needs few words,
just the right ones.

Since our foundation 35 years ago, we have been producing specialised translations for the ceramics and mechano-ceramic sectors. We do so continuously, effectively and naturally due to a very simple reason: we are playing at home!

The challenge of language

We live and work in Modena, in the heart of the world’s largest and most innovative ceramic district.
Our translations for the most important specialised ceramic companies travel to all continents and help to promote the growth of a long-established industry that is truly strategic for our region’s economy.
The language of the ceramics industry is based on a very precise balance between abstract and concrete.
It contains creative, engaging elements with direct references to fashion, art and design, as well as expressions of a totally concrete and technical language that refers to materials, technologies, and formats.
While technical terminology has a common basis, every company has its own unique characteristics and precise tone of voice. Our daily challenge is to effectively convey this to readers of other languages and from other cultures, whether dealing with a catalogue, video, technical specification, newsletter or website.
Our translation service is certified in compliance with the ISO 17100:2017 standard.
In addition to these services, we also provide interpreting for exhibitions and events, both in person and remotely.

Teaming up locally

In this sector, thanks to our geographical proximity, we can give a broad and comprehensive meaning to our notion of teamwork, integrating the customer into the team as much as possible.
When the partnership is truly tried and tested, the customer regards interlanguage as an indispensable link within their own structure: they keep us informed of the feedback from local markets on our translations, invite us into their showroom or factory to experience their manufacturing processes up close, and share briefings on product innovations with us.
We translate all types of technical and marketing texts for the ceramics sector:

  • catalogues
  • institutional and product videos
  • technical specifications
  • user manuals
  • contracts
  • project presentations
  • eBooks and brochures
  • websites with SEO
  • blogs, newsletters and social media campaigns

Colour is a power which directly influences the soul. Colour is the keyboard, the eyes are the hammer, the soul is the strings.

Vasilij Vasil'evič Kandinskij