Multilingual terminology management

Terminology management

Professional terminology management helps you use the right term in the right context, in every language.

Every sector has its own specific vocabulary and within every sector, every company uses precise, unique technical terms, also to distinguish itself from the competition and boost recognition of its products.
For example, a machine that checks and corrects the balance of the wheel and tyre combination in the automotive industry may be called either a wheel balancing machine or a wheel balancer. A Hall effect sensor can also be called a Hall effect probe, and so on and so forth.
These specific preferences must be observed consistently in all translations, in each and every document, whether product technical datasheets, manuals, brochures or websites.

Maintaining this uniformity is challenging and quite often the same word is translated in different ways. If documentation is managed with a Content Management System, which breaks it down and only exports the texts that need to be changed for translation, the overall vision of the text is lost. A situation can arise on occasion, within the same company, where the technical department uses one term, the sales department uses another and the web marketing department another still (perhaps using a more effective keyword).

We work closely with you to organise your multilingual technical documentation: terminology is managed with a personalised database, through the compilation of multilingual glossaries interfaceable with computer-aided translation systems (CAT tools). If your documentation lacks uniformity, containing multiple terms to identify the same component, we work with you to select the right term and enter it permanently in the glossary.

For every new translation project, our in-house team of terminology revisers identifies any new technical terms that appear and updates the glossary. Glossaries are made available to translators for each new translation project.

If requested, terminology databases can be shared with the client, who is actively involved in validation of the technical terminology and the provision of feedback on the translations delivered.

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