Serving your digital communication.

interlanguage offers comprehensive language services to companies in the IT (Information Technology) sector

Starting with your content, in the format and on the platform you use, we can skilfully and sensitively handle the localisation of all your products, while respecting your time to market.
IT companies choose us to translate:

  • software
  • websites
  • multimedia content
  • apps
  • social media content
  • corporate intranet

When translating technical documentation, we integrate the most modern machine translation engines into the translation process, significantly reducing time and costs. Automatic translation is supplemented by revision by a human translator, an IT expert, in order to check the correctness of the text, the appropriateness of the technical terminology and, above all, consistency with the software screens included in the manual.
We can also translate your web content by extracting it directly from the CMS you use (WordPress, Magento and Drupal, as well as Share Point, Django, etc.) and become a valuable partner for your web agency and for those responsible for managing your multilingual site.
Our services for the IT sector also include SEO of translations, which is critical to transforming a website from a simple shop window into an effective business tool.

With great power comes great responsibility.

Ben Parker (Spider Man)