An Italian term meaning to ‘firmly assert’.

The differences between the various legal systems require translators to have an additional skill, which is essential for transposing concepts, institutions, acts and judgments from one language to another

Since 1986, interlanguage has been providing legal translations – in all languages – of:

  • contracts
  • documents relating to international legal disputes
  • corporate deeds and documents
  • Chamber of Commerce documents
  • tenders
  • patent and trademark registration applications
  • legal acts and notarial deeds
  • pleadings
  • sentences
  • international adoption documents
  • customs documents
  • standards, rules and regulations
  • banking documents

The goal of a legal translation is for the final text to convey its legal effects in the target language. This is why it is necessary to entrust legal translations to native speakers with expertise in the field, who are capable of producing a final text that is perfectly usable in the target legal context.

Our team of native-speaker translators possesses a high level of language training, as well as sound knowledge of law and all the major modern legal systems.

Our team of reviewers and project managers provides an additional guarantee of the translations’ terminological adequacy and legal compliance.

When required by the project, interlanguage also handles the authentication and legalisation stage in court.

Our translation service is certified in compliance with the ISO 17100:2015 standard.

Every man has to go sometime…
but I’m different, I have to go at 6 A.M.It was 5 A.M., but I have a good lawyer.

Woody Allen