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interlanguage partners up with WPML for website translation

With the aim of constantly improving the services it provides its clients and offering the most up-to-date technologies, interlanguage has entered in partnership with WPML, the most widely used WordPress plug-in for translating websites in multiple languages.

Website translation is an absolute must nowadays and the starting point of any company’s international communications. However, if not properly planned it can turn into the worst of nightmares!
The success of a website translation project comes down to two main issues: the linguistic aspect and the technical aspect. The linguistic aspect concerns the quality of the translation, which must be carried out by mother tongue translators who are experts in the relevant field. The technical aspect concerns the workflow process to adopt to ensure that the uploading and publication of different language versions takes place in the quickest, safest and most automatic way possible.


Almost half of the world’s websites do not use a CMS (Content Management System). Of the remaining half, the vast majority are developed with WordPress. This CMS is simple, versatile and does not require any specific computer skills. But if the site is multilingual, WordPress on its own can be quite limited. The solution is WPML, by far the most popular WordPress plug-in, which makes WordPress a genuine and highly efficient multilingual platform. With over a million users, WPML is compatible with almost all WordPress templates and can also be used with WooCommerce, allowing you to localize and update your online store in real time.

Why interlanguage

Thanks to our partnership with WPML, we can now offer our clients an automated process for website translation. Users no longer need to export files and send them by e-mail, nor do they need to provide translators with access to the back-end of their sites, with all the problems that this entails. With just a few clicks you can select the pages or articles you want to translate directly from the WPML control panel and send them to us with no prior notice, without leaving the platform. We will receive notification from the system, translate the files and send them to the website with one click. The files will then be ready to be re-imported, perfectly formatted like the originals thanks to our special tools which leave the html codes unchanged. It is no longer necessary to reintroduce bold text, bullet points, links or non-textual elements, nor to manually insert useful SEO elements such as the Title, Meta Description and key phrases.

This workflow allows you to save time (crucial for updates: brief news, blogs…) and eliminates the risk of copy/pasting errors. How many times do we see macroscopic errors in the menu items or commands of a website – even those that have been well translated – caused by clumsy attempts to rewrite by hand the texts that the translator has written and checked so carefully in a Word file? It’s time for a new approach!

Are you planning to translate your website?

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