Your voice, in your customers’ language.

In-person and remote interpreting services in all languages.

Anyone who conducts professional relations abroad is well acquainted with the key role played by interpreters. An interpreter becomes your spokesperson in international affairs.
Hence the importance of ensuring that you choose the right interpreter.

Conducting professional relations abroad requires a capacity to understand each other in languages other than your own, not only when writing, but also when speaking. This is why companies and public bodies require interpreting services.
interlanguage guarantees correct, effective communication: we choose the most suitable interpreter for you, in Italy or abroad, in-person or remotely, paying utmost attention not only to necessary language skills, but also to approach and personality.
Affinity, confidentiality and industry-specific experience are essential for your interpreter to become your spokesperson, wherever you are and in any context. Our interpreting service complies with the guidelines of the UNI 10574 standard.

Depending on the venue where the meeting is held, the number of participants, the topic and the type of event, different interpreting services are available:

Thinking of hiring an interpreter for your next international meeting? We have the perfect professional for you: contact us so we can discuss your requirements together.

If I interpreted “gone” as “dead”, I’d be fired. If they were the same, there’d be no UN.

Nicole Kidman - The interpreter, 2005