The multiplication of the Tower of Babel.

Translation lies at the heart of our work and outstanding translation was the first mission pursued by interlanguage following its foundation 37 years ago.

Thanks to our high-quality, skilled native-speaker translators, we can handle any translation request from and into any language in the world. However, in our approach, native-speaker translators are just one element of a large team effort. The interlanguage team includes linguists, translators, proofreaders, project managers, graphic designers, IT and multimedia experts: our unique strength stems from our close-knit, highly organised team.

Thanks to our team’s expertise, we can translate different kinds of texts:

  • Technical
  • Scientific
  • Financial
  • Advertising
  • Legal

The work of mother-tongue translators is always backed up by solid in-house language support. In-depth knowledge of the customer, their products and their corporate language is the basis for delivering the best translation.

All our reviewers and project managers are trained as translators. Project managers have overall responsibility for projects, coordinating contact between the translator, reviewer, IT department and DTP.
In addition to language training, project managers have specific professional expertise in quality management systems and computer-aided translation tools (CAT tools). Our translation service is certified in compliance with the ISO 17100:2017 standard.
If Switzerland is your target market, interlanguage is the ideal partner for you! We offer our experience gained through long-standing cooperation with top customers.

Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.

Günter Grass