Servizio di traduzione multilingue


Why interlanguage? Because a good translation is the result of great teamwork. And our team of specialist translators, revisers, project managers and IT experts is at your disposal, to produce the added value that makes a translation outstanding.

The strength of our team means that we are ready to respond to your every translation request, in all languages:

  • technical texts
  • scientific texts
  • financial texts
  • legal texts
  • marketing texts

We support our native speaker translators’ professional expertise with sound in-house linguistic backup: in-depth knowledge of each client’s individual needs, products and corporate language, enables our revisers and project managers to provide translators with all the information they need to deliver accurate, effective translations.

Revisers perform a thorough check on every translation and the relative file layout. All our revisers are trained translators.

Project managers are in charge of the project overall, coordinating communications between translators, revisers and the IT/ DTP department, and acting as a contact for the client. Like revisers, they are qualified linguists, combining these skills with specific professional expertise in quality management systems and computer-assisted translation (CAT) tools.

Our translation service is certified in compliance with the ISO 17100:2017 standard.


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