Every day for over 37 years, we have been striving to “say almost the same thing”.

Since 1986, interlanguage has been offering a full range of language services with the highest quality and professional standards

Translating a company’s messages into another language means conveying meanings and concepts as effectively as possible. Meanings and concepts must not only sound correct, but also natural and appropriate to the linguistic and professional context of the translation.
In this sense, translation is simply the last crucial step in a more complex process that includes preliminary analysis of company language, technical terminology and the final goals of the translation.

interlanguage is first and foremost a group of people: we are a team of linguists, translators, interpreters, project managers and graphics and multimedia specialists.

Thanks to our talented team and associates, as well as to the implementation of information technology, we now manage wide-ranging projects on a national and international level in collaboration with prestigious Italian customers, boasting an established presence in foreign markets, especially in Switzerland.

Our business sector, translation and localisation, faces constant challenges: the role of artificial intelligence, the needs imposed by cross-media marketing, the relationship between interpreting and translation, the management of ‘minor’ languages, different alphabets, and alternative, inclusive languages.

Over the course of its 35-year history, interlanguage has taken on one challenge after another, adding people, expertise, languages, services, tools, processes and certifications time after time.

As we have grown, we have become a complex machine that tackles all the challenges necessary to offer effective, fast, certified translation services to and from any language in different product sectors, responding to customer needs and their evolution.

The values that inspire our daily work are the same as they were in 1986. As we have grown, we have developed the values of competence and team spirit.
Since 2019, we have been part of Transline, a large international group that has believed and invested in our quality and history.
What distinguishes us within the Transline Group is the balance we have achieved between the speed of machines and the sensitivity of people, the expertise to manage not only translations, but all related processes, and the common understanding that every successful translation is above all a great team effort.

Writers make national literature, while translators make universal literature.

José Saramago