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interlanguage can support you in the multilingual translation of all specialised technical documents concerning your products and services

Over time, it has become increasingly complicated to manage manufacturing companies’ multilingual technical documentation.
The speed of globalised markets and the exhaustive bureaucracy required by EU directives oblige companies to prepare increasingly detailed and extensive technical documentation in all the languages of the exporting countries.

Over the course of its 35 years in business, interlanguage has gained extensive experience serving the Modenese manufacturing sector. Over the years, we have helped many local businesses to grow and promote themselves in international markets by translating:

  • installation manuals
  • user and maintenance manuals
  • technical datasheets
  • catalogues and brochures
  • software
  • AutoCAD drawings

We use the most advanced computer-aided translation (CAT) programs, which enable us to create and maintain individual electronic translation memories for every client.

An electronic memory is a kind of interactive archive of the terminology and style of each customer and each project.

Thanks to CAT memories, we can interface with your content management system (CMS) to process any file format (xml, html, idml etc.), manage large volumes of work in short time frames and guarantee technical translations that always meet certified quality standards.

We accept any type of format and document. You can send it in the source format to our graphic design department. The translation that we send you will be ready to be printed or circulated online.

interlanguage is a member of COM&TEC, the Italian Technical Communications Association.

The Association allows us to stay up-to-date on new tools and trends and to contribute, as translators, to an exchange of information and opinions with the whole sector involved in drafting technical texts.

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