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Specialised Technical Translations

Are you a manufacturing company? If so, translation for you means technical translation.

Nowadays, the rational, efficient management of multilingual documentation is an increasingly complex challenge. Globalisation of markets and EU directives require companies to manage an ever-growing volume of technical documentation in all languages of export market countries. In addition, while manuals are updated from time to time, translated versions are not always maintained in line with the originals. Staying up to date is a daily challenge.

Put your trust in our experience for your technical translations of:

  • installation manuals
  • use and maintenance manuals
  • technical datasheets
  • catalogues
  • software
  • AutoCAD drawings

We use the most advanced computer-aided translation (CAT) tools, which enable us to create and maintain individual electronic translation memories for every client. This ensures consistency of both style and terminology. Thanks to these programs, we can interface with your CMS (content management system) and process any file format (xml, html, idml etc.). In this way, we can provide rapid turnover of large volumes, all the while guaranteeing technical translations of certified quality.

Regardless of the type of document, you can send us your file in the source format: thanks to our desktop publishing department, we will send you the translation ready for printing or publication on the Web.

interlanguage is a member of COM&TEC, the Italian Technical Communications Association. We are always up to date with the industry’s latest tools and trends in technical communications. As translators, we contribute to the exchange of ideas and information with the world of technical writing.

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