35 years of commitment to glocal growth.

35 years of history

Our story began in 1986 in Modena, Italy, when Antonella, Susanna and Paola, three professional translators and interpreters, founded interlanguage. Throughout its history, the company has placed strong emphasis on the international outlook of Emilia-Romagna, a proud and prosperous region with a well-structured, industrious entrepreneurial network full of outstanding businesses.
In those early years, as the economy grew and new markets opened up, multilingual translation became a new and daily necessity for many local companies.

We started out by translating – at trade fairs all over Europe – the determination, intelligence and innovative spirit of a group of people who strongly believed in their talent. 35 years on, we remain grateful to this generation of local entrepreneurs who taught us courage, commitment and passion for work.

Logo interlanguage 1986

Our heart and roots

The first interlanguage customers came from our
natural connection to the Province of Modena,
from some of the local economy’s leading sectors:
automotive, mechanical, agriculture, medical,
ceramics and textiles.
Some of these firms remain our customers today.

A decade of expansion

The 1990s were a period of major growth: from the
outset, interlanguage seized many new
opportunities offered by the advent of the World
Wide Web and the globalisation of markets.
The customer portfolio now included European and
North American companies.


Certifying quality

interlanguage was one of the first Italian translation
agencies to obtain dual certification for its Quality
System (under UNI EN ISO 9001:2000) and
Translation and Interpreting Service (under UNI
This double certification marked the start of a new
phase in the relaunch of the business.

New markets, new dimensions

Exactly 20 years since its foundation, interlanguage
continued to grow and consolidate its position.
At this time, around 50% of the company’s turnover
was generated abroad, mainly in Switzerland,
Germany and the USA


Triple Certification

The Quality System was revised and updated in
accordance with the new version of ISO 9001 (so-
called Vision 2000) and with the introduction at
European level of UNI EN 15038:2006, covering
translation service providers.
interlanguage was among the first Italian agencies
to obtain a triple certification.

Serving multimedia

We celebrated 25 vears in business with the launch
of a new website and the introduction of new voice-
and subtitling services.
With these new additions, we further expanded our
range of multimedia services.


Crossing the border by train

interlanguage was chosen by the Swiss Railways
for a contract to provide translation, voice-over and
Interlanguage was the Swiss project’s only foreign

Achievements and awards

We celebrated our 30-year milestone and, for the
third year running, Common Sense Advisory, which
ranks translation companies around the world,
named interlanquage one of the Top 20 Language
Service Providers
in Southern Europe.


The strength of a large group

interlanguage joined the Transline Group, a market
leader in language services in Germany. After
opening several offices in Germany and France,
Transline chose interlanquage as its Italian
This partnership will create new synergies for
customers of both companies.

Translation is that which transforms everything so that nothing changes.

Günter Grass