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Multilingual desktop publishing

Desktop publishing in an unknown language is fraught with potential pitfalls. Leave it to expert linguists!

How do you start a new paragraph in Polish? You know that Arabic is written from right to left, so do you need to adapt the entire layout and manage a bidirectional text? Are you sure that your Chinese text is positioned correctly?

Only sector experts can answer these questions and many others besides.

At interlanguage we handle desktop publishing of your multilingual texts in all the most commonly used graphical formats:

  • InDesign®
  • Illustrator®
  • Photoshop®
  • FrameMaker®
  • PageMaker®
  • FreeHand®
  • Office Publisher®
  • Quark XPress®
  • Visio®
  • AutoCAD®

We interface with the Content Management System used by your or your technical department, providing our linguistic advisory service and managing texts in xml format in complete compatibility with these systems.

sushi-restaurant-tri-fold-brochure-template-1Translations are laid out in compliance with the graphical conventions of the target language and the paginated text is submitted to an expert linguist for final approval. We check that the texts are placed in the right positions, that they are not too short or too long compared to the original or any other translations on the same page, and that any hyphenation is correct. Finally, we make sure that the layout produced is also attractive to look at.

We have gained great experience in particular with Asian languages (simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean) as well as Middle Eastern languages (Arabic, Hebrew and Persian), for which we have localised versions of programs.

For the DTP service, interlanguage exclusively uses in-house personnel. This enables us to guarantee the confidentiality of all documents you entrust to us, and ensures our processes are traceable and reproducible. It is also the only way that we can guarantee meeting your requirements promptly, without any third party involvement.

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