Multilingual marketing translations

Marketing translations

In marketing translations, the real challenge is ensuring that the translated message carries the same impact and weight as in the original language. It is therefore essential to select the right tone of voice every time.

When it comes to your communications, put your trust in our experience:

  • Press releases and press kits
  • Advertising brochures and leaflets
  • Company presentations and profiles
  • Magazines and publications
  • Social campaigns
  • Slogans
  • Multimedia content

Here at interlanguage, we work in partnership with your marketing department or advertising agency. We get to know your products, your corporate language, that is to say your unique communication style and specific company terminology.

For example: how do you translate the roles within your company? What do you call your various departments? Is your claim in English, which applies to all languages?

Our reviewers and project managers collect this information in a specific style guide, dedicated for you. In this way they can provide the translators with all the information necessary to ensure an accurate, effective translation: in every language that you wish to communicate in, the translator’s voice is your voice.

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