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Translation Services for the Publishing Industry

Using exclusively native-speaker translators, interlanguage provides specialised translations for all print and digital media, respecting your editorial guides and specific terminology.

Tools that change, for ‘stories’ that remain

The publishing world is perpetually poised between a revolution that is not yet over and another that is just beginning. This industry is as old and rigid in its goals – finding new ‘voices’ and stories, creating (and selling) books – as it is fluid and unstable in its tools; a realm of ever-changing approaches, languages and ways of reading.
Like all publishing, translation must adapt to new tools: ebooks, social networks, audiobooks, podcasts, online magazines, bookblogs and book influencers.
Whatever your communication channel, interlanguage is here to help you translate your editorial content into as many languages as required, professionally, respectfully and effectively.

Putting talent to the test

Our native-speaker translators, who possess a flair for writing, creativity and ingenuity, are always supported by our team of reviewers, who ensure that every translation complies with the customer’s editorial guidelines and specific terminology.
Choose interlanguage to effectively translate:

  • Art books
  • Corporate magazines
  • Online magazines
  • Scientific journals
  • Blogs and newsletters
  • Social media plans

Our range of services also includes graphic layout. We can directly insert the translation into your source file and submit the layout for review by our linguists before delivery.

[…] An ascetic, an essentially selfless hero, […] anonymous and sublime.
The translator is literature’s last, true knight errant.

Carlo Fruttero & Franco Lucentini - I ferri del mestiere, 2003