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Thanks to our network of experienced legal translators, we offer precise and punctual language services in all languages for law, notary and accountant firms

Law and its real effects

Legal translations must serve a double function: in addition to being perfectly understood by all their recipients, they must explain their real effects in a new language.
This is a very delicate area where positive law relies on the target language to produce real effects, such as making a judgment enforceable, a testimony valid, a contract invalid, a will contestable, etc. This is why we provide you with a team of legal translators that has passed rigorous tests and continuously invests in training and that is qualified to translate deeds, contracts, judgments and petitions, respecting both the legal terminology in use in a new language and that specific to a particular client firm.
Language training of our translators and reviewers is combined with in-depth knowledge of legal language for a coherent transposition of all concepts referring to different legal systems.
Finally, in legal and judicial translations there are two other strict commitments that we make to customers, in addition to quality:
Respecting deadlines is as essential as ever since acts may have urgent deadlines or be subject to sudden changes.
– Finally, data protection and confidentiality are fundamental in the legal field.

Authentication, interpreting and arbitration

Our range of legal services includes authentication in court or before a notary and an interpreting service for notarial acts, depositions and international arbitrations.
Choose interlanguage for the translation of:

  • Records of proceedings
  • Sentences
  • Decrees
  • Orders
  • Contracts (purchase agreement, tender, supply, franchising, agency, joint venture, distribution, license, intellectual property…)
  • Articles of association
  • By-laws
  • Powers of attorney
  • Minutes of shareholders’ and board meetings

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