Helpful, sustainable and knowledgeable.

Our Values define our approach to work

They are the guidelines with which we deal with people (customers, partners, suppliers, colleagues and competitors) and with the focus of our work. From 1986 to today, interlanguage has grown on the basis of these values: the same values around which the company was formed.

Yet within these words are the same values we believed in at the outset, 35 years ago, when we wrote them down on a piece of paper and made them the basis of our first project.


This is what drives us to do our best: a successful and effective translation is always the result of teamwork, of a process in which human experience chooses the best available technology and then carefully and sensitively guides the rebirth of a text in a new language.


A translator’s quality and precision go hand in hand with specific knowledge about the nature of a text (legal, institutional, advertising) and the product sector to which it belongs.


A team should consist of professionals with different tasks, but a shared mindset. A great team is one whose end result exceeds the value of the sum of its parts. Translators, revisors and project managers work together with the customer to create added value that makes all the difference.


This is what drives us to improve and always raise the bar. Over the years, we have built an excellent team of individuals who are highly motivated to satisfy customers, creating true value and consistent, repeatable quality. We are proud of this achievement. Which is why we want to do even better.


From paper to artificial intelligence, from dictionaries to apps, via fax, the Web, digital and social media. Our industry is undergoing a constant technological revolution that is speeding up times and streamlining processes. However, the human element, a mix of experience and sensitivity, is always the deciding factor in aligning bits and neurons, algorithms and dictionaries with the aim of understanding and guiding the best technology.


Our job is composed of words. Today, the words with which we communicate our values  seem even bigger, broader and stronger because we associate them with people, services and client companies that have become our world.

Without translation, we would inhabit parishes bordering on silence.

George Steiner