Team, drużyna, equipo, takim:
we work as a team in all languages.

A team of outstanding translators is the driving force behind our teamwork.

If you are a translator or interpreter and would like to work with us in a freelance role, fill in this form and send it together with your up-to-date CV and a scanned copy of your highest-grade educational qualification.

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    The translator’s job and teamwork

    We work with 250 freelance translators on average, we have around 100 on probation, and we receive new CVs every week from professionals who want to join our team.

    The time and energy that we devote to selecting and testing translators (in addition to the time and energy invested in ongoing post-delivery feedback) constitutes a major investment in human capital.
    35 years of work have taught us that an effective translation is the result of great teamwork, which is why we are always looking for new talent to improve and complete our team.

    We are very familiar with what a freelance translator’s job entails: we know that working alone can be very demanding and at times unrewarding.
    This is why we guarantee that our freelancers will become part of a real team that follows strict, tried and tested processes to guarantee customers the best result.

    If you are talented and passionate about your work as a translator, let’s talk now: we are interested in getting to know you.

    The advantages of working with interlanguage

    At interlanguage, we are all trained as translators or interpreters. Our project managers, in particular, are very familiar with freelance translators’ workflow and will be able to assist you in managing the job.

    By working with interlanguage, you will be able to develop your talent and professionalism as part of a solid and experienced team.

    Those who work with interlanguage value these advantages:

    • Constant support from our project managers, who possess a wealth of knowledge and sensitivity to the customer’s expectations, as well as all the necessary skills to support and guide you in your translation work.
    • Feedback after each submission: when appropriate, our reviewers/project managers will give you feedback on your translation, discussing any changes with you and pointing out any preferences indicated by the customer.
    • Access to free courses focusing on specific training and development of technical skills (use of CATs and new technologies).
    • Fairness, respect for your professionalism and a smooth working relationship.

    Translation is the circulatory system of the world’s literatures.

    Susan Sontag