Multilingual voice-over

Voice recording – dubbing and voice-over

Voice and pronunciation must always match the image and expectations of those watching and listening.

The voice recording service includes both dubbing (where the speaker’s voice substitutes the original audio), and voice-over (where the volume of the original audio is lowered and partly covered by the speaker’s voice).

interlanguage guarantees careful selection of native speakers to give voice to your international communications:

  • promotional and corporate videos
  • on-line demos
  • audio-guides
  • Flash animations
  • DVDs
  • documentaries
  • presentations
  • tutorials
  • webinars
  • eLearning courses. 

A good voice recording service starts from the translation: the translator must take care to produce a script suitable for reading aloud. This means special attention to punctuation, choice of vocabulary, sentence length and linguistic register. Once the translation is completed, we proceed with the validation process, whereby the text is approved by the client or the appropriate contacts in the target markets. Modifying a text that has already been recorded is a waste of time and resources.

In addition to text validation, we will also liaise with you on pronunciation rules: how the voice-over artist is to pronounce abbreviations, mathematical symbols, dates, etc.

Once the text to be recorded is approved, you can choose the voice best suited to your requirements in terms of language, age, gender and tone of voice. Do you prefer a British or American native speaker? Portuguese or Brazilian? European or South American Spanish? The devil is in the detail!

After the voice casting, we record and check the audio file, which can be delivered in .wav, .MP3, MP4, .aiff or other formats.

In addition to voice recording, we also offer a subtitling service, designed to meet all your multimedia localisation needs.

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