Every market has its own language and customers awaiting you.

Liaison interpreting

You can count on the experience of interlanguage to communicate with your contacts in international markets.

Being an outstanding interpreter requires more than simply an excellent knowledge of the two working languages.
Liaison interpreters must have a good general education, intuition, memory skills, communication skills, and empathy.
They must have an understanding of the cultural traits of each nationality. Finally, their profession requires confidentiality, discretion, and a strong ability to cope with both physical and mental stress. Negotations can often involve non-stop working days in which the interpreter is required to continue their translation work even during breaks or mealtimes.

Depending on the topic you will discuss with your business partners, we will choose the most suitable interpreter for you and your business, in Italy or abroad, in-person or remotely, no matter which language is required. If your negotiation is not held in person, but on a digital platform (Zoom, Webex, Skype or MS Teams), our interpreters will connect remotely, guaranteeing you the same level of assistance and reliability that they provide in person.

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Negotiating means getting the best of your opponent.