Sign Language Interpreting

Organising a National Health Service, Public Sector or Corporate event? Thought about a sign language interpreting service? With a sign language interpreter you increase your event’s accessibility and enable deaf people to play an active role. From corporate meetings to trade fairs, work sessions, training courses, lectures and gatherings, this extends your audience base.

What is Sign Language interpreting?

Sign Language is a visual-gestural language created to meet deaf people’s communication needs. The Italian Sign Language (LIS) is now recognised as the official language of the Italian Deaf Community. Like vocal languages, it is constantly evolving and allows communication in any context. However, sign language is much more than this: it is a symbol of interaction, social sharing and inclusion, and represents a tool for breaking down communication barriers. We are aware of all this and are able to support you in organising your events with our top quality services. All our interpreters hold the relevant professional qualification certificate, guaranteeing quality skills, constantly maintained. The sign language interpreting service is available in Italy for various types of gatherings, including lectures, training courses and public sector events, promoting wider accessibility and social inclusion.

When did the Sign Language arrive on the scene?

It was in the late ’50s that linguist William Stokoe discovered that individual signs could be broken down into single units and used to compose new words. Since then, sign language has become more and more successful and has gained social importance both as a language and as a means for integration and cultural identity.

Is Sign Language universal?

Curiously enough, there is not just one sign language – there are many different ones, just as with natural languages. And sign languages also vary greatly (even within themselves), since they are closely dependent on the cultures of the countries to which they belong. According to Wikipedia, there are about 300 officially acknowledged sign languages. “Signing” is global, and therefore multilingual.

Give your event more added value, include sign language interpreting in your offering.

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