Translations into Italian for Switzerland

Translations into Italian for the Swiss Railways

Translations into Italian for Switzerland have always been our strong suit. This skill is very specific and was acquired thanks to important collaborations with top clients of the Confederation, including the Swiss Railways (SBB CFF FFS). It is indeed with the Swiss Railways that we have renewed a 5 year contract for translations into Italian for Switzerland: translation of technical, economic, financial, publishing and marketing texts, as well as subtitling and voice-over services of corporate videos and terminology projects.

This result marks a new important step in consolidating a very particular skill. “Our collaboration with the Swiss Railways is based on the trust we earned over the years – states Antonella Abbati, Managing Director at interlanguage – and we are proud of having such a demanding and well-established client recognizing our professionalism and appreciating that “something extra” that still makes the Italian know-how stand out”.

Switzerland is a country with 4 national languages (German, French, Italian and Romansh), thus translation services are an integral part of daily business and are required to meet exacting quality standards. The Italian spoken in Switzerland presents differences due to its close contact with French and German, from which it has calqued terms and expressions, the so-called ‘helvetisms’, a characteristic of all linguistic registers, from the most colloquial to the most specialised language.

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