Specialised translations in the drone sector

Traduzioni specialistiche nel settore dei droni

Specialised translations in the drone sector. To meet these needs with a professional and competent approach, our revisers and project managers Stefania Nemisti and Silvia Bertini attended the conference “Drones and more. Last generation methods of remote inspection applied to the railway sector“, which took place on March, 8. The conference was organised by the Association of Engineers of Florence. Our participation was made possible thanks to our membership with CIFI (Collegio Ingegneri Ferroviari Italiani), the Italian Railway Engineers association, for which training has a pivotal role.

The drone world represents a vast and rapidly growing technology, from the leisure to the security field, to their use in the railway sector for example. In Italy, as abroad, companies such as Rete Ferroviaria Italiana and Ferrovie dello Stato are beginning to test this technology for tasks so far performed by humans, often in dangerous and difficult conditions. Uses for drones include the inspection of places that are difficult to reach, such as bridges and viaducts of the railway infrastructure, or of the vegetation by the tracks, as well as maintenance activities to trains or freight trains inspections.

In the context of our collaboration with important clients in the railway sector, at interlanguage we find ourselves managing important specialised translation projects in the drone sector and specialised terminology projects in this field. The conference allowed us to have a wider and more concrete understanding of the matter and to meet experts in the field, and at the same time to pursue our constant goal: offering more and more specialised and professional translations to our clients.

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