interlanguage supports cross-cultural communication

interlanguage sponsor di Confindustria

interlanguage sponsored the simultaneous translation service at the conference on “Globalization, communication and culture. How expanding World Business is changing our cultures and the way we communicate – Implications for International Business”, held at Confindustria Emilia Area Centro in Modena on 8 February.

The conference’s central theme was communication between different cultures in a business context, viewed against the broader backdrop of globalization. Often, communication has to take place with only a vague idea of the counter-party’s social and cultural background. There was a special focus on the use of language as the tool that enables us to interface with people from different cultures, who live in very different societies. Both a challenge and an opportunity, and the chance to exchange ideas and gain new inputs for our everyday working lives.

The conference’s chief speaker was Barry Tomalin MA, an expert in international corporate consulting and business communications between different cultures. At interlanguage we have made international communication our mission, and we were delighted to contribute to the event by providing the simultaneous translation service. Because there is no communication without understanding! 

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