interlanguage sponsors the “DSA & VITA: Inclusione” congress

interlanguage sponsor sponsor DSA & VITA

The annual “DSA & VITA” congress on Specific Learning Disabilities was held in Modena on 24 and 25 November. The event, held for the 6th time this year, is organised by Dr Vittorio Melotti, SLD Delegate of the ANMIC disability support association, Modena section, under the aegis of Universities and the public sector and with sponsorship from interlanguage for the simultaneous translation service.

The theme of this edition was inclusion in its broadest sense, meaning how to enable all pupils to achieve educational objectives, including those with learning difficulties arising from disorders such as dyslexia. The many contributions, from academic and other experts, approached the issues from all viewpoints, and underlined the need for compensatory and dispensatory measures, and the opportunities inclusive teaching can provide to young people, helping them to reach the skill targets required to achieve their ambitions.

A Dutch speaker, Dr Verhoeven, took part in the congress for the 4th consecutive year. interlanguage provided the translation service for the presentations. Our thanks to Lucia, who did a wonderful job!

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