Covid-19 emergency: interlanguage is still operating

Even during this major health emergency, we are still fully operational, ready to give you the support you need to ensure your business can keep communicating and stay in touch with the international markets. We have to isolate from the virus, but not from the world!

Our whole team is smart working from home with just a minimal staff in the office.

The absolute priority is safeguarding our and our families’ health and safety while guaranteeing continuity of service to our clients. We are maintaining complete connectivity, each from our own home.

All our usual teamwork and flexibility are still ensured. And we are all eager to see the end of this difficult time as soon as possible, so we can swing back into action together with you, stronger than before.

Our contacts are still the same: you can email us, or call us on the usual numbers.

We will make every possible effort to meet your needs and help to keep your international business running smoothly throughout the emergency.

From all of us to all of you, we can do this together.

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