35 years of interlanguage

In 2021 we celebrate 35 years of business! It all began in 1986, when the economy in Modena was thriving and companies were expanding their horizons to international markets. Many of us took the leap and started our own companies around that time, as business translations were a new but already daily necessity.

We facilitated foreign business trips, accompanying small entrepreneurs who only spoke Italian but nonetheless managed to do well thanks to determination, intelligence and a flair for innovation. Our first thank-you goes to them, an incredible generation who taught us the courage, commitment and self-sacrifice for the job that was essential for us to grow and measure up to the great Italian and international companies with whom we are privileged to work today.

Our second thank-you goes to our translators and interpreters, inseparable travel companions with whom we have always shared our passion for this profession. The tireless search for the right word, the singling out of a sentence to be improved, the curiosity to learn something new every day.

But our biggest thank-you of all goes to all our faithful collaborators, to the team without whom none of this would have been possible. Together with them, we are ready to embrace the challenges ahead, for a 2021 synonymous with quality and innovation!

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