Burmese (MY)

Lingua birmana

Language family: SINO-TIBETAN

Alphabet: BURMESE


Burmese is the official language of Republic of the Union of Myanmar (the official name of Burma since 1988). It is also spoken in Thailand, Bangladesh, Malaysia, in the USA and in Australia. It is spoken by more than 40 million people worldwide.

Standard Burmese is the evolution of a central dialect spoken by the Burmese population of the Irrawaddy and Chindwin. There is a formal language, used in writing, announcements and communications, and a vernacular, which is used in the family.

The Burmese alphabet has its origins in Brahman writing, which also gave rise to the alphabets of India and other South East Asian alphabets, including Thai. The script is composed of circular and semi-circular characters. It has 45 letters: 34 consonants and 21 vowels (there are 7 main vowels, with different forms for the three tones).

No distinction is made for gender.

Sentences follow the subject-verb-object scheme.

Does Burmese distinguish between upper and lower case?
No, there is no difference.

Can a Windows .docx file in Burmese be read by Macintosh?
Yes, but only using the latest operating systems and fonts.

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