For Expo2015, three Modenese companies, Tris, interlanguage and DM Digital, teamed up to promote the artistic, cultural, social and economic heritage of our province.
The result was a multilingual website focusing on flavours, cars, art, bel canto and all of Modena’s areas of excellence, designed to intercept Expo traffic and attract potential visitors to discover the local economic and manufacturing scene.
An outstanding project pursued with the competence and pride of those who are working for the future of their region.
MoExpo was an idea by Tris, but it saw the immediate involvement of interlanguage and of the IT company DM Digital. However, without interlanguage, the idea would have never materialised.
What really let MoExpo get off the ground was the great professional approach of interlanguage to the translation and interpretation of our texts, with their notable punctuality in meeting deadlines.
Enzo Ionna
Tris Commercial Department

MoExpo, welcome to the excellence of the Province of Modena.


“MoExpo – The gateway to Modena”

A web platform in seven languages, including Russian and Chinese, to promote awareness of Modena’s excellent offerings all over the world, aimed at capturing the attention of visitors coming to Italy for Expo 2015.

Three companies of Modena created a Temporary Association of Companies for the World Exposition Milan 2015, Italy, with the aim of promoting the artistic, cultural, social and economic heritage of their province.


In 2015, the World Exposition EXPO, which every five years is hosted in a different city of the world, takes place in Milan.
The theme of this edition is “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”: such an important event is the perfect visibility and business opportunity for Modena and its province, famous in the entire world for their excellent food specialities.

Some 20 million visitors were expected in Milan, at least one third from abroad. Visitors would mostly be representative of a segment with a strong explorative attitude, a large social and professional network, willing to move around and with a good spending power.
This was therefore a very attractive target for Modenese companies.

In the years leading up to EXPO 2015, many Italian private companies and institutions felt a need to initiate projects to participate or at least prepare for this extraordinary event.
However, direct participation in EXPO as exhibitors or sponsors implies extremely high costs, which can only be afforded by large companies or associations of companies.

The interlanguage solution

An interlanguage partnership with Tris and DM Digital

The idea of a themed website devoted to all Modenese excellence arose from interlanguage’s long-standing collaboration and shared purpose with the Tris communications agency in Modena.

Work therefore began on a multilingual website dedicated to Modenese areas of excellence – flavours, cars, art and bel canto – that would showcase companies and help potential visitors to discover the local economic and manufacturing scene.
The idea took shape thanks to the involvement of a third Modenese company, IT partner DM Digital, which deals with web & app development.

The portal goes online on 31 January 2015, on the same day of the celebrations for the Patron Saint of Modena.
The portal has a considerable artistic weight: Modena’s excellent offerings are illustrated on the website in superb snaps by photographer Beppe Zagaglia, one of the leading artists to have immortalised the city and surrounding area. The soundtrack of MoExpo is provided by the acclaimed choir Corale Rossini.

The portal MoExpo provides the visitors with complete information and a series of interactive thematic routes, which are the at core of the project: Art, fast cars and opera, with the opportunity to see and admire the beauty of Modena’s landscapes, and enogastronomy, the cornerstone of EXPO 2015.

The section dedicated to food products includes the companies producing our traditional products: Aceto Balsamico, Parmigiano Reggiano, Lambrusco and spirits, Charcuterie and sausage products, Other specialities.
Companies taking part in this project are reserved a customised page with detailed information, photographic gallery, player video, descriptions in various languages and interactive positioning along the thematic routes of EXPO 2015.
There is also a section dedicated to the events taking place in the whole province of Modena during 2015, and a social network presence: Facebook and Twitter, to communicate news on the area and on the EXPO to a wide user public in real-time.


MoExpo is the only thematic portal on EXPO 2015 in seven languages.
It is supported by various trade associations and by municipalities across the whole province of Modena, and generates the interest of local press and media.

The website remained active until early 2016, when Expo came to a close. However, the 2015 edition marked a starting point for the region’s revival, which continued in the following years; in this regard, international communication proved fundamental in bringing local excellence to the global stage.