Doxee, a leading company in Customer Communication Management, needed to revamp its website and opted for WordPress in a multilingual version. It was necessary to translate a very elaborate site full of content, infographics and industry news into six languages, finding the best solution so that the site would not stop ‘working’ during operations.
interlanguage, thanks to a custom process and partnership with WPML, enabled Doxee to entrust all translations to a single supplier, to manage them in parallel with the development of the site, and to achieve uniform solutions for all languages and sections of the site.
interlanguage continues to be one of our most important marketing partners. Our website project was extremely complex and time-sensitive.
They completed it exceptionally well – on-time and on-budget.
Larry Zusman
Director of Global Marketing, Doxee Inc.

Doxee’s website: for an ever so global communication


Doxee is a leading company in the field of Customer Communication Management.
With its cloud services and business communication management solutions, DOXEE provides partners and customers with an important competitive advantage in terms of operational efficiency and regulatory compliance.


Between spring and summer 2015, Doxee decided to overhaul its company website. They chose the WordPress platform for its development, set up for a multilingual version.

The website was originally in English and a version in five other languages was planned: Italian, German, French, Spanish (for Latin America) and Portuguese (for Brazil).
It was an elaborate website full of content, infographics and industry news.

The customer needed to make quick progress with the translation into all languages while the original site was still under development.

DOXEE requested that priority be given to the Italian language, with a complete revision and approval by its Marketing Department before the texts were published online.
This made it necessary to start translations as soon as possible and, once they were completed, to minimise the technical time required to upload texts to the WordPress platform.

The interlanguage solution

Doxee chose interlanguage to localise its company website in six languages.
During the initial briefings, for the sake of urgency and expediency it was agreed to prioritise the online publication of the Italian version, followed as soon as possible by the other versions.

The first stage involved a preliminary translation of all Word and Excel content in every language (primary and secondary navigation, main sections, SEO map, meta descriptions and keywords). The translations were produced with the memoQ computer-aided translation (CAT) program, feeding our translation memories.

Doxee completed the development of the new site in parallel with this stage of the work.

The English website went live as soon as the translations in all six languages were ready: when it came to the multilingual versions, there was no time to wait for the long process of manually copying and pasting the texts on the WordPress platform. It would have taken weeks!
So, together with the client and the US-based web agency, we opted for a completely different strategy.
The web agency created a ‘clone’ of the site, providing interlanguage with admin login credentials: this enabled us to carry out the necessary tests and analysis without any risk of unintentionally modifying or blocking the official English site, which was already online.

Working on the cloned site we identified, within the WordPress dashboard, the right layout of the content organised by category (webpages, posts, news, etc.), the relevant SEO texts and all useful and necessary functions to ensure the translation of the whole content and the correct final formatting of the translated texts.

Once this stage was complete, we exported all the texts directly from WordPress using the WPML plugin in order to retranslate them into Italian.

The retranslation process was very fast since we had already added preliminary translations to our translation memories.
The CAT program memoQ was able to match the new text with the translations stored in the memory; we only had to add the necessary tags to reformat the text and convert it into the compatible .xliff format to be re-uploaded on WordPress.

After the translated texts were automatically uploaded on the platform, the web agency replaced the clone site, now in English and Italian, with the online site.

At this point, we were able to repeat the procedure for the remaining five languages simultaneously on the live website, with no need to use the clone. Within just a few days, the multilingual versions were ready!

After uploading the translated content, our team of linguists checked the translated webpages in order to correct any typos, missing text and viewing problems related to differences in length between translations and original texts, and to localise external and internal links.


Doxee’s new multilingual site is a valuable tool for customers, partners and prospects, who can find solutions tailored to their needs and described in their own language.


interlanguage’s skills and experience, together with Doxee’s active and steady collaboration, made it possible to:

Have a single provider in charge of all translations

Have consistent solutions in every language and section of the website, both in terms of translation choices and layout and web graphics

Reduce the time needed to produce the multilingual versions of the website: working on the translations while the website was still under development made the process of “transferring” the translated contents on the completed website considerably faster

Download and re-upload the translated texts, thanks to WordPress’ plugins, without having to manually copy and paste, thus avoiding common transcription mistakes.

Gain economic benefits from lower expenses related to the management of the project by the web agency, who did not need to upload texts in unknown languages.