Case study Artplace: an audio guide, from translation to full voice-over

Artplace allows you to discover the best cultural, environmental and food and wine offerings directly from your smartphone.
For the reopening of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo in Venice, Modenese startup Mumble proposed the use of iBeacon to manage and send multilingual content to users during their visit.
interlanguage handled both the translations and the voice-over, condensing a very complex project into just a few weeks to make it accessible to the public right from the inauguration.
In interlanguage we found a professional, qualified partner.
They completed this important project to a tight schedule, independently managing all phases, from translations through to the voice-overs.
Mattia Farina
CEO of mumble

Artplace. Artplace.The wonders of Italy with a single tap.


Artplace is a platform that allows visitors to discover the excellence of Italian culture, nature, gastronomy and wine directly on their smartphone.

An effective and comprehensive platform with many tour options in Italy’s most beautiful cities, complete with maps, short guides and descriptions of places of interest, opening times and links to specific artwork sites.
Now, with Artplace Museum using iBeacon technology, museums talk with visitors.


Artplace promotes our country’s artistic beauty by appealing to all tourists. Obviously where there is tourism, there are languages, thus translation.

The Fondazione Venezia, ahead of the reopening of the magnificent Scala Contarini del Bovolo ( scheduled, following its restoration, for late January 2016, accepted Modenese startup Mumble’s proposal for the creation of a guided tour via iBeacon.

This is a system that allows visitors who have installed the Artplace Museum app and selected their preferred language to receive content directly on their smartphone or tablet.
The app detects transmitters (beacons) positioned along the tour route and sends audio and video content to the devices.

The full service offered and managed by interlanguage

The audioguides had to be ready, installed and tested on the app by 30 January 2016, the date of the reopening of the Scala Contarini del Bovolo.

Mumble therefore only had 15 days to complete the project and entrusted interlanguage with the translation of the audioguide content (in English, French, German and Spanish) and the voice-over in these languages, plus Italian.

The texts were appropriately analysed and prepared keeping in mind the translatability of historical and cultural references, as well as specific pronunciation guidelines for the dubbers.
Before the voice-over, the translations were approved and then uploaded by Mumble to the Scala Contarini del Bovolo section of the Artplace Museum app.
For the audioguide voice-over, the customer personally selected the speakers from the female voice casting provided by interlanguage.

The dubbers produced the recording in their respective mother-tongues in a professional recording studio with the assistance of a sound engineer.

A sound technician completes the editing, mixing and mastering stages, as well as the production of .mp3 files, which are gradually delivered to Mumble when they are ready to be uploaded to the app.


This highly intricate and complex job was completed in just two weeks, including the voice-over.

The Scala Contarini del Bovolo is one of the finest examples of Venetian architecture.
It was reopened on the planned date, with a large attendance of Italian and foreign tourists.
Visitors climbed the marvellous spiral staircase (“bovolo” in Venetian dialect), winding in a cylindrical tower up to the arcade, which provides a breath-taking view on the lagoon.

After entering the museum, visitors can download the free Artplace Museum app for Android and Apple and, by simply enabling Bluetooth, enjoy an audio-guide in their mother tongue on their smartphone, which automatically activates in close proximity with a properly installed and programmed beacon to provide visitors with new content.

Discover the wonders of Italy with Artplace