Angelo Po, a world leader in the design and production of professional catering equipment, created an emotional video to promote the ICON7000 professional kitchen on its YouTube channel. The script had to be translated into English and French, followed by the addition of a voice-over to the video. interlanguage opted for a transcreation process: it provided Angelo Po with two videos that told the same story, but were produced by appealing to different emotions, based on which were most effective for each target language.
Our choices were determined by the emotion they arouse in the target language and culture: for example, we opted for “You’ll find those little techniques handed down to me from my nonna”, which has more emotional value than “You'll find echoes of my grandmother’s kitchen”.
Translator & Transcreator

Angelo Po: emotional videos and transcreation


Angelo Po is a world leader in the design and manufacture of professional catering equipment. From horizontal and vertical cooking ranges to food preservation systems, the company delivers top-quality solutions and anticipates the most innovative trends to support chefs in achieving excellence. Angelo Po is part of Marmon Foodservice Technologies, a subsidiary of US holding company Berkshire Hathaway Inc, and operates on a global scale.

To promote the ICON7000 professional kitchen, Angelo Po created an emotional video to publish on its YouTube channel and entrusted interlanguage with the transcreation – or creative translation – of the script into English and French, which was subsequently voiced.


Today, video is one of the most important web communication tools. To be effective, it must, above all, create emotions. An emotional video should not simply list the features of a product, but should highlight a brand’s qualities and values through a story shared with its audience.

It must be based on the highest technical quality standards. The camerawork, editing and soundtrack are essential elements to engage the viewer from the first crucial seconds of viewing. It must also present an engaging narrative. The emotions the text must convey are as important as its content. The sound and rhythm of the words must get right to the heart of the audience, speak their language and captivate them.

An international brand often needs to translate this type of content into the languages of the different markets. Translating an emotional video is a creative challenge in its own right. More than the words of the message, what matters is to recreate in the target language the same emotional impact as that generated in the source language. The goal is to capture the attention of the target audience.

The interlanguage solution

The transcreation process involved several steps. Confirmation of the job was followed by a detailed briefing in which our Angelo Po contact person gave us a detailed description of the video’s target audience and the corporate values that the company wished to emphasise. We therefore selected our associates with the most suitable characteristics for this type of project. In particular: familiarity with the culture and way of life of the geographic area where the original text was created so they can grasp every nuance of the message; copywriting skills so they can convey the necessary creativity and the right communication strategies in the project; in-depth knowledge of the customer and their values.

When it came to the transcreation process itself, each language followed “its own path”.
In English the work focused on rhythm and sound. We played on repetitions, rhymes and assonance. Lexical choice was extremely meticulous: words were selected according to impressions and references suggested by the text: the idea of being in the right place and the warmth of family and home, an almost religious experience. We then considered the international role of the English language. With this in mind, we favoured more immediate vocabulary and terminology wherever possible in order to appeal to the tastes and expectations of a global audience.

In French, the translation process focused instead on juxtaposing the vocabulary of cooking with that of music. The idea came from the Italian term ‘piano’ (hob) which can be translated as both ‘plan de cuisson’ and ‘piano de cuisson’. Hence the decision to use music-related terms throughout the text. After all, musicians and chefs have a lot in common: their hard work, sacrifices and willpower, the failures from which they bounce back, their strength of will, respect for hierarchy, the rhythms that rise to a symmetrical crescendo between preparation and trials, the desire to give pleasure, tiredness and the wish to immediately start over and do even better. Thus, for example, in French the first words of the video “Cosa c’è nella mia cucina…” (What’s in my kitchen) become “Quelle symphonie allez-vous écouter dans ma cuisine?” (“What symphony will you hear in my kitchen?”).

In general, references to sounds, tones, musical instruments and performances imbue a target text that departs from the original, yet is totally in tune with our customer’s communication goals.


The English and French videos we created for Angelo Po are sophisticated, valuable and effective communication tools. They tell the same story, but we developed them by taking different directions, appealing to specific emotional responses for each of the two target languages. Transcreation is a multifaceted process that requires close collaboration between specialised professionals and the end customer in order to achieve an ambitious result: to communicate, engage and create empathy , while preserving the essence of the content that must be conveyed.

We are particularly attached to this Angelo Po project because it embodies all the values that have always distinguished our company: quality, attention to detail and team spirit.

Here is a link to the emotional video we created in English:

Here is a link to the video inFrench: