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1st July 2013: Croatia joins the EU

Croatia’s entry into the European Union as the  28th member state  opens the doors to trade with the other EU countries. Therefore, the need to communicate with this country in its local language is certain to increase.

For anyone managing technical or marketing documentation and intending to do business with Croatia, it will be essential to translate texts into  Croatian, a language which has undergone major changes since the early 1990s: we must not forget that until then, Croatian was considered as the same language as  Serbian  (the language in use was known as  Serbocroat).  However, after the war in the former Yugoslavia, the different regions established and reinforced the individual identities and also promoted and developed their respective linguistic heritages.

Thanks to a network of carefully selected native speaker translators, including some resident in Croatia itself, interlanguage offers  Croatian translations  up to date with all the language’s latest evolutions.

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