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Translating for the Ceramics Industry: #Cersaie2022

Today we are talking about translating for the ceramics industry. Every year, in the run-up to Cersaie, the most important trade fair, companies in the industry deploy the most sophisticated technologies to allow those who will not be physically present to experience the products ‘hands-on’. In addition to images, the words used to describe the characteristics of ceramic coverings are important. Due to the sector’s international vocation, translations of texts and videos are as important as the message in Italian.

Inspired by internationality and (in)formative quality, the 39th edition of the International Exhibition of Ceramic Tile and Bathroom Furnishings is set to feature very strong integration between the physical and the digital, with the goal of making the event accessible to an even larger audience, creating an unrivalled commercial hub for companies in the sector.

The need to create engagement through technology will be reinforced for everyone, communicating the innovative features of their product and brand, whose language is full of references to the worlds of fashion, art history and design, while also being very technical. Raising awareness through your communication choices is strategic for your brand’s international appeal and for reaching your target audience.

If we add to this the fact that the world of ceramics is constantly evolving, partly driven by the need to offer the market ever new finishes, technologies, solutions and formats, we can appreciate that translating this type of text is certainly a major challenge. At interlanguage, we have devoted 36 years of passion and expertise to supporting our customers in this exciting challenge of translating for the ceramics industry. 

What are the cornerstones of translating for the ceramics industry? First and foremost, translators must be well versed in materials and processes, while also being capable of correctly rendering the tone of voice and style of the source text. Terminology must also keep pacewith technological progress.

But what truly makes a difference? A close partnership between our company and our customers. In the heart of the world’s largest and most innovative ceramic district, interlanguage offers you 37 years of translation experience.

Let’s take a look at some of the key aspects of this synergy

Have you coined special technical terms to distinguish your products from the competition?

On your website, in your catalogues and on your company social mediaprofiles you talk about your products in a language specially created for your brand in order to communicate their unique identity and make them stand out from the competition.

Let’s take a concrete example: if in the description of an outdoor floor you want to refer to the 1960s style that is coming back into vogue in our homes, you can generically speak of a ‘terrazzo effect’, but if you would rather distinguish yourself from your competitors, than you can choose to define your product as a ‘stone agglomerate’ or refer to a ‘grit effect’.

If your daily work requires this careful choice of words to describe your products, explain your reasoning when you send us your translation material: together we will find the solution with the correct meaning in line with your ceramic company’s marketing choices.

Describe your products, send us some sample images and explain the reasons for your most important terminology choices.

Have you invested time and money in researching keywords to use for SEO on your website?

Marketing is becoming increasingly digital: for your texts to be effective online, they must not only be well written, but also easy to find by as many people as possible via search engines.
In this regard, terminological uniformity, one of the cornerstones of technical translation, is not always a must: there is a need to adapt to the words that the average user chooses when searching online and if on the same web page the word ‘tile’ is translated in Spanish first as ‘azulejo’ and a few lines later as ‘baldosa’, it is not an oversight, but a completely conscious choice. Even if the word ‘baldosa’ is banned from your catalogues because it is too ‘ordinary’ (a bit like the word ‘mattonella’ in Italian), the presence of two different, but correct terms on your web page will attract visits from a greater number of users (much to the chagrin of translation purists).

Are you planning a meeting with your global sales force and require a simultaneous interpreting service?

Cersaie is the most important occasion of the year to bring your international sales force together. Whether you are planning a meeting with your sales staff in-person, remotely or in hybrid mode, you will need a simultaneous interpreting service to make your new product presentation effective in the language spoken by your guests. We offer you the best interpreters with expertise in the ceramic industry, while also providing simultaneous interpreting equipment with the latest technology. Thanks to the translations of your catalogues and presentations that we will have carried out in the days leading up to the event, the interpreters will be up to date with the news you are going to present and will use the specific terminology that we have carefully chosen with our team of translators. Because once again teamwork makes all the difference!

Finally, here are some practical tips for your translations if you work in the ceramics industry:

  • Do you have your local markets review translations? Always send us any corrections or changes and we will keep up to date with the preferences of your local contacts.
  • Why not invite us to visit your factory or showroom? You can show us your products up close and explain their finishes and technical features.
  • Let’s arrange a briefing on the product innovations and new terminology you have developed: we will be able to offer you the most suitable translation solutions.
  • Determine and communicate to us the intended use of your texts: we can tailor the translation accordingly, depending on whether they are intended for the web or for printed texts such as catalogues and brochures.

All set? Then it’s time for us to organize your attendance at Cersaie together!

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