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Our commitment and donation as a Transline Group – Christmas 2023

Our trees of light symbolise our donation this year. Each year, one of the Group’s companies chooses the cause to which we will donate for the holiday season. Last year our French colleagues at Transline Europe proposed “Restos du Cœur”, an organisation committed to reusing surplus food in useful ways to bring comfort to those living in poverty.

This year interlanguage had the honor of making the choice. Our commitment to raising awareness about gender equality is one of the reasons why we decided to support D.i.ReDonne in rete contro la violenza”, an Italian support network for women affected by gender-based violence. Providing them shelter and a welcoming space, D.i.Re supports their freedom and the start of a new life.

D.i.Re promotes the implementation of policies and the dissemination of good practices to prevent and combat gender-based violence, basing its work on the experience of local organisations in order to establish a national policy framework that promotes cultural change that is key to combating and overcoming violence against women.

Words matter

Inclusive language can make an important contribution to this mission’s success: it has the power to influence the way we see the world and interact with others.

We care deeply about inclusiveness and gender equality. From the outset, interlanguage has been predominantly staffed and led by women. However, our commitment goes beyond mere compliance with ‘pink quotas’. We are constantly striving to ensure fair wages, a good work-life balance, adequate parenting support and the promotion of women’s leadership by integrating these initiatives into our daily operations. Most importantly, we aim to develop an awareness of the meaning of gender equality, both internally and externally. In 2022, interlanguage became the first language service provider – the fourth company ever – in Italy to achieve UNI PdR 125:2022 certification for gender equality.

Gender equality: a cultural change for a sustainable society

Gender equality should be an obvious, fundamental value, but in reality it is too often under-recognized. Indeed, it is the only way to ensure respectful and productive cooperation within society.

Companies, in particular, show that they operate more innovatively and efficiently when they guarantee equal rights and the same opportunities for participation, visibility and empowerment in all functional areas and in their corporate culture. Studies indicate that when women are equally represented, there is an increase in collective intelligence and overall team performance, positively influencing market position. Thanks to interlanguage’s experience and expertise, the Transline Group supports businesses in developing effective strategies for multilingual inclusive corporate language.

We are happy to play our small part in making our society a little fairer. Not only by supporting D.i.Re’s activities, but also by paying special attention to language, as a reflection of our values and thinking, in all the world’s languages.

✰ Heartfelt best wishes to you and your families. ✰ (H4)
Season’s greetings and happy new year!
Many thanks for your trust.

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