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Work & Jazz: a special training day for interlanguage

On 22nd September 2012 the interlanguage team took part in a very special training day: “Work & Jazz – Thoughts, ideas and tools… at work”.

Trainer Erika Leonardi led the event, providing interesting nuggets of “management in jazz”, with the collaboration of Davide Fregni and his band who gave a  live , practical demonstration of the theories explained by Erika.

Rules and improvisation, emotions and technical ability:  Jazz offers an example of harmonious organizational management, as all members of the group are greatly influenced in their work by the others, yet without allowing this to curb their own professionalism or originality.

Good jazz musicians know how to be part of a group when playing with others, yet are still able to give their very best in an individual, original way when improvising, safe in the knowledge that the group is there, providing backing. In musical terms, when we talk about improvisation we do not mean a test of bravery with unpredictable results, but an expression of the musician’s command of the instrument and the music, a mix of  skill  and  flexibility.

And that represents the link with the world of work and life in a company environment: each individual is part of a team and the team stands strong as long as it is united but, at the same time, the members contribute individually to the group task and have the skills required to make decisions on their own when necessary.

This metaphor helps bring into focus several aspects linked to teamwork which are essential for promoting a good company atmosphere: energy, passion and striving towards a common goal.

… To the rhythm of jazz!

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