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interlanguage wins a major automotive industry contract for Asian languages

interlanguage  consolidates its association with one of the world’s top supercar constructors by winning the contract for translation of its on-board documentation.

A long-established supplier of multilingual translations to the Italian automotive constructor, interlanguage has now been chosen as supplier for translation of the on-board literature, workshop manual and legal documents into the Asian languages: simplified and traditional Chinese, Japanese, Korean as well as Arabic. These language combinations require experience and technical expertise due to the problems arising from the Asian alphabets and the bidirectionality of Arabic, and interlanguage has proved itself capable of dealing with these difficulties reliably and efficiently.

The client manages its technical documentation with the aid of a custom-developed, state-of-the-art content management system based on a web portal, which enables editors, translators and desktop publishers to manage content in XML format.  interlanguage  uses the latest translation technologies, providing the specially created team of translators, reviewers and project managers on-line access to translation memories. This optimises times and costs while guaranteeing security in the management of confidential contents, uniformity and consistency in translation and swift updating of documentation.

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