Supporting ANMIC

For the third consecutive year interlanguage has supported the “Strada dei Geni” [“Street of Genes”] Congress on the subject of SLDs, or Specific Learning Disabilities, recently held for the 5th time. The congress was organised and directed by Dr Melotti, Modena SLD Representative of Italian Disabilities Association ANMIC, and was entitled “DSA & Europa” [“SLDs and Europe”].

locandina_anmicSince the congress’s topics relate to learning and helping young people to enter the workforce, we decided to make a major contribution in this direction by linking the worlds of the University and volunteering, on the one hand giving students from the University of Bologna’s Forlì SLLTI School of Languages and Literature, Translation and Interpreting the opportunity to try out the consecutive interpretation and whispered interpretation skills acquired in the Master’s Degree course actually in the field, and gain valuable experience, as well as academic credits for placement work. On the other hand, we enabled Dr Melotti to host a foreign guest speaker, who was able to listen to his colleagues’ presentations with the aid of the whispered interpretation and address the congress through consecutive translation. Our thanks go to the University, for putting us in touch with the students, and to Giacomo, Gianfranco and Federica for their excellent work.

In his concluding address to the Congress, Dr Melotti said: “I would like to add my thanks to the translators and interlanguage itself, in the person of Antonella Abbati and her staff, for the support they have continued to give us over the years; without their input, the congress would lose its international component and would no longer be possible. I very much hope for the continuation of this partnership, which I believe is fruitful for both sides, and demonstrates that cooperation between people, and above all between education, the world of work and the third sector can provide outstanding results, such as this congress. My sincere thanks to all concerned.

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